The Past, The Present, and The Future

How’s your present life? Was it the one you thought about in the past? Have you thought about your future now?

Most likely, most of us don’t have the present life that we had envisioned. Life could be good to us or the other way around. How we think about our future will constantly change depending on what is happening in our present.

Our past is our past and should be left behind. Yes, it is true that our past made our present but being stuck in the past won’t help us having a decent and attainable future.

We would always remember the bad things from the past and this should help us to avoid it from happening again. Let those scars shape you to what you wanted to be every day moving forward.

As mentioned in our quote, we can never tell precisely what our future will be, we can only imagine it or wish for it. That’s the difference. It is really important to remember that you can never have the future without doing something in the present. Think right and act appropriately, maybe the wish you wanted may be granted in the future.

Having said that, I strongly suggest that you watch the movie or read the novel below. It is not your regular teen flick movie/novel. It is really worth it.

Resource: The Light Between Oceans – M.L. Stedman.



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